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Anger is there; that’s enough to know.
Anger is there; that’s enough to know.

I’m never quiet inside. There is still some anger inside me that I don’t understand yet. Something says to be quiet, to shut up but I have a hard time listening to that voice inside saying to be quiet. I’m afraid of it.

Just don’t repress the anger anymore. Whatsoever is left has to be brought out, because that is the only way to be really quiet.

You can forcibly still yourself but the stillness is and sooner or later it will be disturbed because just underneath it the anger is boiling and waiting for its moment and the opportunity. Then one goes on sitting on a volcano. Everything seems quiet when the volcano is not erupting, is not active, but it is preparing inside. Some anger has come out, some is still there — and the anger that has come out was superficial. Throw the anger that needs to come out is deeper — that’s why it is difficult to understand it.

One part of the anger is understandable because it is related to people, to situations.

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