Body Wisdom

“In the twenty-four hours of a day you need to be silent for an hour or so, whenever it is convenient. The internal dialogue will go on but don’t be party to it.
Detached Listening:
“The key to it all is to hear the talk within just as you would hear two people talking, but remain apart. Don’t get involved; just listen to what one part of the mind is telling another. Whatever comes, let it come; don’t try to repress it. Only be a witness to it.

Wild Horses:
“A lot of rubbish that you have gathered over the years will come out. The mind has never been given the freedom to throw away this rubbish.

“When given the chance, the mind will run like a horse that has broken his reins. Let it run! You sit and watch. To watch, just watch, is the art of patience. You will want to ride the horse, to direct it this way or that, because that is your old habit. You will have to exercise some patience in order to break this habit.

“Wherever the mind goes, merely watch; don’t try to enforce any order as one word gives rise to another and another, and a thousand others, because all things are connected.

Speak Your Mind!
“If it is convenient and possible, speak your thoughts out loud so that you can also hear them, because within the mind the thoughts are subtle and there is the fear you may not be very conscious of them. Speak them aloud, listen to them, and be very aware and alert to remain well separated from them. Resolve to speak out whatever comes to mind, but be absolutely unbiased and neutral.

“It is absolutely necessary to empty the mind patiently for six months, because all your life long you have done nothing but load it with thoughts. If you persist patiently and diligently then only six months is enough; otherwise it might take you six years, or six lives! All depends on you, how wholeheartedly and sincerely you work at this method.

“Gradually, very faintly, you will begin to hear the footsteps of silence, and experience the art of listening.”

Osho, The True Name, Vol.1, Talk #5

In life, nothing is certain except death.

Secondly: death is not going to happen in the end; it is already happening. It is a process. Just as life is a process, death is a process. We create the now, but life and death are just like your two feet, your two legs. Life and death are both one process. You are dying every moment.

Let me put it in this way: whenever you inhale, it is life, and whenever you exhale, it is death.

For fifteen minutes, exhale deeply. Sit in a chair or on the ground, exhale deeply, and while exhaling close the eyes. When the air goes out, you go in. And then allow the body to inhale, and when the air goes in, open the eyes and you go out. It is just the opposite: when the air goes out, you go in; when the air goes in, you go out.

When you exhale, space is created within, because breath is life. When you exhale deeply, you are vacant, life has gone out. In a way you are dead, for a moment you are dead. In that silence of death, enter within. Air is moving out: you close your eyes and move within. The space is there and you can move easily. Within fifteen minutes you will feel so deeply relaxed, and you will be ready to do the technique.

Lie down. First conceive of yourself as dead; the body is just like a corpse. Lie down, and then bring your attention to the toes. With closed eyes move inwards. Bring your attention to the toes and feel that the fire is rising from there upwards, everything is being burned. As the fire rises, your body is disappearing. Start from the toes and move upwards.

Why start from the toes? It will be easier, because the toes are very far away from your I, from your ego. Your ego exists in the head. You cannot start from the head, it will be very difficult, so start from the far away point. The toes are the most far away point from the ego. Start the fire from there. Feel that the toes are burned, only ashes remain, and then move slowly, burning everything that the fire comes across. Every part – the legs, the thighs – will disappear.

And just go on seeing that they have become ashes. The fire is rising upwards, and the parts it has passed are no more there; they have become ashes. Go on upwards, and lastly the head disappears. Everything has become…the dust has fallen unto dust…

You will remain just a watcher on the hill. The body will be there – dead, burned, ashes – and you will be the watcher, you will be the witness. This witness has no ego.

This technique will take at least three months. Go on doing it. It is not going to happen in one day, but some day you will actually see the body gone to ashes. Then you can watch.

Osho, The Book of Secrets, Talk #53

Living with the Mystery
One of the basic problems facing the modern mind: we try to understand everything...and life is basically a mystery.

I’m never quiet inside. There is still some anger inside me that I don’t understand yet. Something says to be quiet, to shut up but I have a hard time listening to that voice inside saying to be quiet. I’m afraid of it.

Just don’t repress the anger anymore. Whatsoever is left has to be brought out, because that is the only way to be really quiet.

You can forcibly still yourself but the stillness is and sooner or later it will be disturbed because just underneath it the anger is boiling and waiting for its moment and the opportunity. Then one goes on sitting on a volcano. Everything seems quiet when the volcano is not erupting, is not active, but it is preparing inside. Some anger has come out, some is still there – and the anger that has come out was superficial. Throw the anger that needs to come out is deeper – that’s why it is difficult to understand it.

Hypnosis and Health
There is no need to go through physiology, you can go through psychology.

Seventy percent of diseases are mind-oriented. Through hypnosis those diseases can be prevented before they occur. Through hypnosis it can be found out what kind of sickness is going to happen in the near future. There are no symptoms on the body, the routine physical examination of the person will not show any indication that he is going to be sick or ill, he is perfectly healthy.

But through hypnosis we can find that within three weeks he is going to fall sick, because before anything comes to the body, it comes from the deep cosmic unconscious. It travels from there to the collective unconscious, to the unconscious, and only then, when it comes to the conscious mind, can it be checked and found in the body.

Sicknesses can be prevented even before the personhas any idea that he is going to be sick.

This is a guest post from the winning stories of A Course in Meditation – A Workout for your
Consciousness by Sissely.

I am an artist and art teacher. I am always looking for inner peace.

I´ve been meditating for years now till I found Osho: A Course in Meditation. Which had been an awesome way to open to myself, to get to my Self.

I decided not to write anything-just trust in my in-tuition for going step by step into the 21 days experience. I was waiting for the moment to hear the exercise, to practice, to go into the new experience with all my senses and mind and being. I trust my IN-tuition a 100 percent now, I let myself go with it.

Furthermore, I am always me and the watcher: everything I do I try to transform myself in the very act, in the sound, in the taste. Not just to feel, which I was already experimenting, but to BE THE TASTE. I am the watcher and the act of watching and the watched object.

It´s like a new Universe is unfolding for me. The whole existence is actually unfolding its miracle just for me: I am the center, the heart, the initial Big Bang as well as the border, the limit, the final whisper.

All my love to OSHO for opening that giant door.

– Sissely.


This is a guest post from the winning stories of A Course in Meditation – A Workout for your
Consciousness by Erin A.

My name is Erin Anshu and I would like to share with you how Osho and his courses in meditation have changed my life!  I am a healer and sometimes the hardest person to heal is yourself!

Before this meditation i was not very grounded, I did other meditations and mindfulness practices, and they helped, but only a little.  I was angry with myself and angry with society in general.  I did not feel connected to Source and I did not love myself in a true way.  I was struggling daily with triggers and had a hard time being compassionate with myself, in all ways.  My self-talk was riddled with doubt, insecurities and fear.  I felt as if loving myself and peace with myself were goals akin to my personally traveling into space!

Then I opened my inbox one morning and there was my first day of meditation from Osho’s free 21-day course.  At first, thoughts of doubt crept in and tried to whisper in my ear that this wouldn’t work, you couldn’t sit still for this long and all other negating factors my ego felt like sharing! I kindly told those thoughts to take a hike, and began my first meditation.

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This is a guest post from the winning stories of A Course in Meditation – A Workout for your
Consciousness by Angela A.

Dear OSHO blog reader!

I am Angela. I am born in Bulgaria. I am a social scientist. My main working tools are my mind; my instincts and my intuition.

I earn my bread by communicating with a lot of people; collecting tones of data; and processing for a shortest possible time all the information gathered. Sometimes my mind is powered so intensely that I could not stop thinking and thinking and thinking. I tend recurrently to go back and to think over negative memories and images from my daily encounters.

Sensitivity helps me a lot in my work with people. But being too sensitive makes me susceptible to distress. I found “Osho A Course in Mediation” just on time.

The people who are going to be powerful need to be prepared. Your education should prepare you to be in power, in such a way that power cannot corrupt you, that you cannot misuse it.

(A Vision of Osho)

THE PEOPLE WHO are going to be powerful need to be prepared.

Right now, up to now, for thousands of years you have never prepared anybody. If somebody is going to be a boxer you don’t just push him into the ring and say: “Start!” He has to learn. If somebody is going to be a swordsman, it will take him years. Otherwise he won’t even know how to hold the sword — using it and fighting with it will be impossible. First he will have to find out how to take it out from its sheath, how to hold it. It needs training. You don’t just give a guitar to somebody who has never seen the instrument before and expect him to be an Amadeus Mozart or a Ravi Shankar.

Now this is your fault.

These people who are in power, have you trained them? Has anybody ever thought that the people who will be holding so much power need certain qualities so that they don’t misuse power? It is not their fault.

Don't do anything. Sit. Let thoughts settle themselves.
The more open you become, the more innocent, the more childlike you become

The more open you become, the more innocent, the more childlike you become, the more the winds of existence start flowing in and out of you.

The more you are knowing and have the gesture of knowledge, the more you are closed. Then you don’t allow the winds of existence to enter you, then you are always distrustful, you don’t trust life. A fool is one who goes on trusting; a fool is one who goes on trusting against all his experience. You deceive him, and he trusts you; and you deceive him again, and he trusts you; and you deceive him again, and he trusts you. Then you will say that he is a fool, he does not learn. His trust is tremendous; his trust is so pure that nobody can corrupt it.

In darkness, the body reveals itself

In darkness, everything else disappears because you cannot see.

Only you and the sound are there. That’s why, in all good restaurants, light is avoided; sharp light is avoided. They are candle-lit. Whenever a restaurant is candle-lit, taste is deeper: you eat well and you taste more. The fragrance surrounds you. If there is very bright light the taste is no longer there. The eyes make everything public.

All that is beautiful is inner, and the inner means privacy.

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